Don't just detect drones in your airspace,

Actively Keep
Unauthorized Drones

ApolloShield sends unauthorized drones a "go home" command.
The best part? There's absolutely no training required.

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How ApolloShield Works

Detects All Drone Types

ApolloShield detects drones using multiple technologies - cameras, audio and radio sensors - so no drone can evade detection.

Locates Drones & Their Operators

ApolloShield estimates the location of the detected drones and their operators, allowing your security team to assess the risk.

Collects Drone Forensics

ApolloShield finds the unique identifiers of most drones, allowing law enforcement agencies to hunt irresposible operators.

Commands Unwanted Drones To Land

ApolloShield takes control of supported drones and sends them a "go home" command, disconnecting the original operator and forcing them to land safely.

Available Addons and Extensions

Multi-sensor detection

ApolloShield can integrate seamlessly with more drone detection devices: radar, day/night cameras and acoustic sensors.

Drone Signal Blocker

ApolloShield can command drone signal blocker devices (also known as "radio jammers") to start and stop.

Anti-Drone Net

ApolloShield can launch physical anti-drone devices such as interceptor drones and anti-drone nets. Contact us for more details.

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