Detect and Block
Unauthorized Drone

Detect and classify all aerial threats.
Send unauthorized drones back home, safely.
Track down and catch malicious operators.

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ApolloShield's Unique Benefits

Drone Threat Library

ApolloShield's radio frequency research team uses artificial intelligence to identify new drone threats, making our library arguably the best in the industry.

De-Sync Drone
Blocking (Beta)

ApolloShield's de-synchronization technology is safer than other drone countermeasures, kinetic or RF-based (jamming / takeover). Book a demo to learn more.

Single Vendor,
100% Protection

ApolloShield sells and integrates the complete spectrum of cUAS and counter-drone systems. All of our products are field-proven and seamlessly integrated.

VIP Support
and Customizations

ApolloShield's expert problem solver engineers are laser-focused on tailoring innovative solutions to tackle our customers' unique problems.

ApolloShield's Concept of Operation

Identify all Drone Threats

ApolloShield's advanced radio frequency fingerprint technology can detect, classify and identify the communications of all drones and remote controls sold off the shelf, wholly or in parts.

Block Unauthorized Drones

ApolloShield de-synchronizes unauthorized drones from their remote controls, causing them to return home and not affecting critical communications. Selective blocking capabilities coming soon.

Track Down Unauthorized Operators

ApolloShield’s patent-pending remote control tracking system leads your mobile security staff directly to the unauthorized operators, wherever they may hide.

Everything Interonnects

All of ApolloShield’s products are developed and tested by a single source, you can rest assured that everything will work together out of the box.

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